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A Healing Affair of the Heart
Double CD or 2 Cassette Tape Set
VHS Video Tape
    Volume One
  1. Angel Unaware
  2. Amazing Grace
  3. Holding Hands With God
  4. Shanti Nilaya
  5. Bird With A Broken Wing
  6. I Don't Believe in Heroes
  7. Listen With Your Heart
  8. Where Have All the Dreamers Gone?
  9. Am I Beautiful To You?
  10. My Road
  11. Teach Me To Die
  12. If We Should Say Goodbye
  13. The House I Used to Live In
  14. You Are Like A Color
  15. Walk in the World For Me
  16. Broken Windows
    Volume Two
  1. Two Little Shoes
  2. Someone Who'll Stay
  3. You're Going Home
  4. Keep Me Next To You
  5. The Hearts You Break
  6. Remember Me
  7. Give Yourself Away
  8. Wanted: One Family
  9. Yes or No?
  10. I Am Love
  11. That's Enough
  12. Since You Came Into My Life
  13. The Littlest Angel
  14. Today is the First Day

All Songs by Deanna Edwards
except Amazing Grace, Public Domain
Copyright © 1994 All Rights Reserved
Rock Canyon Music Publishers
Credits & Special Thanks
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Double CD or 2 Cassette Tape Set
Volume One   |   Volume Two
VHS Video
A Healing Affair of the Heart
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