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Grieving: The Pain and the Promise by Deanna Edwards

Whether grief comes as a result of death, illness, physical disability, divorce or unfulfilled dreams, we can learn from it.

At last, here is a book giving practical guidelines to help us prepare for and work through losses of every kind so that we can survive hard times emotionally, as well as physically and spiritually.

Paperback Book: $13.00
Book on Tape: $12.00

Wanted: One Family by Deanna Edwards - 1997

A powerful and moving true story of forty years of loneliness and a forgotten man's courage to reach out for love.

The story that touched the hearts of America's First Family, President Ronald Reagan's family, and families across the nation.

Paperback Book: $7.00

Love Is Me by Deanna Edwards - 2007

New from Deanna with James Edwards

Double CD Combo Set: $14.95
A Healing Affair of the Heart by Deanna Edwards - 1994

'The Best of Deanna Edwards' is a compilation of 30 of her most loved songs selected from eight musical recordings spanning her 30 year professional career.

Double CD Combo Set: $24.00
Cassette Tape Volume 1: $10.00
Cassette Tape Volume 2: $10.00

Deanna shares personal experiences from her 30 year professional career and displays a glimpse of her musical therapy work at health care facilities.

Workshop on Video : $ 5.00

Share Loves Light by Deanna Edwards
  • Share Love's Light
  • Seasons
  • Keep Me Next To You
  • My Mother's Hands
  • The House I Used To Live In
  • Love Is Me
  • Am I Beautiful To You?
  • Still Like New
  • Where Did I Come From?
  • Love Is All That Matters
Cassette Tape: $10.00
Share Loves Light by Deanna Edwards
Song Book: $10.00

Music Brings My Heart Back Home by Deanna Edwards - 1988
  • Where Have All The Dreamers Gone
  • Take My Hand
  • Teach Me To Die
  • Peacebird
  • Music Brings My Heart Back Home
  • Brand New World
  • The Littlest Angel
  • You're Going Home
  • Remember Me
  • That's Enough
Cassette Tape: $10.00

Remember Me by Deanna Edwards - 1984

When we lose a loved one we can still communicate with them through the power of love.

International Favorite often used at memorials.
[ intermediate level ]

Sheet Music: $ 3.00

Two Little Shoes by Deanna Edwards - 1980
  • I Can Give You Love
  • Two Little Shoes
  • Be My Light
  • Wanted: One Family
  • If We Should Say Good-bye
  • I Can't Believe My Eyes
  • Find A Friend
  • I Don't Believe In Heroes
  • Butterflies
Cassette Tape: $10.00
Two Little Shoes by Deanna Edwards - 1980 Sheet Music: $ 3.00

Music Laughter and Tears by Deanna Edwards - 1978
  • Son-rise
  • Just Around The Corner
  • My Road
  • All the Love in the World
  • Don't Be Afraid
  • Keep Me Warm
  • Music, Laughter, & Tears
  • My Mother's Hands
  • Playclothes
  • Live Each Day
Song Book: $10.00

Peacebird by Deanna Edwards -1974
  • He is Your Brother
  • Peacebird
  • I'll Hold You in My Arms When I Get Home
  • Catch a Little Sunshine
  • Teach Me To Die
  • Brand New World
  • Take My Hand
  • Falks Don't Kiss Old People Anymore
  • The Right to Live
  • Put My Memory in Your Pocket
Song Book: $ 3.00

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