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Letter of appreciation to Deanna by President Ronald Reagan
July 28, 1981


Dear Mrs. Edwards:

Thank you for remembering me with your inspirational recordings. Your thoughtful message of concern and support is deeply appreciated. I am pleased to have this selection of your work as a special remembrance of your friendship. Thank you for caring.

Nancy joins me in sending you and your family our very best wishes.

Ronald Reagan
President Ronald Reagan

Deanna, It's really difficult to express our appreciation to you for all you've done - words, somehow, just don't seem adequate. In the past two days I've talked with several people who attended our seminar. Everyone was inspired by your music, and the thoughts you shared. It was really great. You give so much of yourself to each one you meet. You'll always have a special place in our hearts. We love you!

Nursing Home Activity Director

I want to thank you ever so much for making it possible for so many of us to have the opportunity to see, as well as hear, the wonderful work of Mrs. Deanna Edwards. Her beauty, professionally and personally, radiated throughout her program. As a result of her workshop, I am sure that many of us will be more helpful to the sick and elderly.

Director of Pastoral Care

This letter is to thank you for presenting to us Deanna K. Edwards at your third annual seminar on Death, and Music Therapy.... I attended the Wednesday workshop Deanna conducted at Mercy Hospital. Her unique use of music for the sick, eldely and dying offers the most hope to treatment I've seen since the advent of antibiotics.

Director Consultation-Liason Psychiatry,

All of us are of the same mind, for once! The Deanna Edwards workshop was the best we have ever had! We thank you sincerely for giving us such a tremendous opportunity.

A Registered Nurse

I deeply appreciated the opportunity to attend the lecture discussion conference with Deanna Edwards yesterday. It made a tremendous impression on me and hopefully will be a spark in effecting a greater ministry through me and my church to the aged. Thank you for the invitation and the service rendered through this conference.

Minister of Music, First Baptist Church

Dear Deanna, just a note to tell you how truly beautiful your program was for our state auxiliary convention. I have had so many calls and everyone has expressed a real interest in having you back soon. I don't know of any person who touched as many lives as you did. We will all look forward to seeing you again.

Auxiliary President, State Hospital Association

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