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Chronological Directory of Productions by Deanna Edwards - Present ->> 1974
Grieving: The Pain and the Promise by Deanna Edwards Wanted: One Family by Deanna Edwards   1997 A Healing Affair of the Heart by Deanna Edwards - 1994
Grieving: The Pain and The Promise - 1998
Book - Book on Tape

Whether grief comes as a result of death, illness, physical disability, divorce or unfulfilled dreams, we can learn from it.

Wanted: One Family - 1997
Paperback Book

A powerful and moving true story of forty years of loneliness and a forgotten man's courage to reach out for love.

A Healing Affair Of The Heart - 1994
Double CD - Two Tape - Video

'The Best of Deanna Edwards' is a compilation of 30 of her most loved selected from 8 recordings spanning her 30 year professional career.

Happiness Is A Choice by Deanna Edwards Share Loves Light by Deanna Edwards With A Song In My Heart by Deanna Edwards and Michael Ballam
Happiness Is A Choice - 1993
Out of Print

Deanna believes that happiness is a choice that can change our personal lives and world we live in. In this tape she discusses how to make happiness a priority, and outlines shortcuts to happiness that will guide you in your own quest for personal satisfaction and deeper understanding of the meaning of life.

Share Love's Light - 1990
Cassette Tape - Song Book
  • Share Love's Light
  • Seasons
  • Keep Me Next To You
  • My Mother's Hands
  • The House I Used To Live In
  • Love Is Me
  • Am I Beautiful To You?
  • Still Like New
  • Where Did I Come From?
  • Love Is All That Matters
With A Song In My Heart
with Michael Ballam - 1990

Out of Print
  • With a Song in My Heart
  • Some Enchanted Evening
  • Bali Hai ∥ Sunrise, Sunset
  • Kiss Her Now
  • Old Man River
  • Something Wonderful
  • O Danny Boy
  • Gutten Abend
  • Gut Nacht
  • He Shall Feed His Flock
  • Believe Me
  • Somewhere My Love
Whoever You Are I Love You by Deanna Edwards The Language of Love by Deanna Edwards and Michael Ballam Learning To Live With Grief by Deanna Edwards
Whoever You Are I Love You - 1990
Out of Print

Deanna says, "The Savior's message was love. He devoted his life to teaching us how to love because He knew that if we could learn to do that, we would be able to come back into His presence. To love is to affirm another person's right to be. Every person is like a color of the rainbow and our color will never be duplicated by anyone." In this special seminar you will be lifted, comforted, and inspired. Includes songs such as Love is Me, and If We Should Say Good-Bye.

The Language of Love
with Michael Ballam - 1990

Out of Print

Michael and Deanna believe that music is the language of God and the language of love. It intensifies, beautifies, teaches, gladdens, enlivens, and pervades all human life.

From classical to country, gospel to folk, and from the patriotic to the international, Michael and Deanna will inspire and delight you as they take you on a musical journey into the human heart. They will bring a new song to your heart ... a song you will want to sing forever!

Learning To Live With Grief - 1989
Out of Print

Deanna tenderly teaches that grief is a reality in all our lives and does not mean that we lack faith. Struggling with loss can lead to growth, sensitivity and understanding of life. Finding the courage to grieve in our own way can fill our souls with compassion, gentleness and a deep, loving concern. "If we choose to love, we must also have the courage to grieve. Love and grief are inseperable companions"

Listen With Your Heart by Deanna Edwards - 1989 Music Brings My Heart Back Home by Deanna Edwards - 1988 Remember Me by Deanna Edwards - 1984
Listen With Your Heart
Out of Print
    Listen With Your Heart
  • Today is the First Day
  • Follow the Way of Your Heart
  • Yes--or--No?
  • Those You Love
  • That's Enough
  • Give Yourself Away
  • Other Plans
  • Someone Who'll Stay
  • Where Have all the Dreamers Gone?
  • You Are Like A Color
  • Walk In The World For Me
Music Brings My Heart Back Home - 1988
Cassette Tape
  • Where Have All The Dreamers Gone
  • Take My Hand
  • Teach Me To Die
  • Peacebird
  • Music Brings My Heart Back Home
  • Brand New World
  • The Littlest Angel
  • You're Going Home
  • Remember Me
  • That's Enough
Remember Me - 1984
Sheet Music to Remember Me
  • Holding Hands With God
  • Remember Me
  • The Hearts You Break
  • I'm Glad That God Chose Me
  • Since You Came Into My Life
  • I Am Love
  • Plenty Of Time For You
  • The Littlest Angel
  • Someday I'll Find You
  • Love Is Out There Too
Two Little Shoes by Deanna Edwards Sharing The Gift Of Love by Deanna Edwards Music Laughter and Tears by Deanna Edwards - 1978
Two Little Shoes - 1980
Tape & Sheet Music
  • I Can Give You Love
  • Two Little Shoes
  • Be My Light
  • Loving Is The Only Way
  • Wanted: One Family
  • If We Should Say Good-bye
  • I Can't Believe My Eyes
  • Find A Friend
  • I Don't Believe In Heroes
  • Butterflies
Sharing The Gift Of Love - 1980
Out of Print

In four one hour tapes, Deanna discusses and shares the most important and beautiful experiences of life. She helps us to recognize the significance of individual life and the journey into the human spirit.

  • Societies Attitudes: The Scale of Life
  • Music in Therapy: The Universal Language
  • Making Memories Live: Music Says What I Feel
  • Creative Grief and Recovery: The Five Principles of Caring
Music, Laughter, & Tears - 1978
Song Book
  • Son-rise
  • Just Around The Corner
  • My Road
  • All The Love In The World
  • Don't Be Afraid
  • Keep Me Warm
  • Music, Laughter, & Tears
  • My Mother's Hands
  • Playclothes
  • Live Each Day
A Song Is A Gentle Thing by Deanna Edwards Peacebird by Deanna Edwards - 1974  
A Song Is A Gentle Thing - 1976
Out of Print
  • A Song Is A Gentle Thing
  • Before It's Too Late
  • Your Favorite Songs
  • Shanti Nilaya (Home of Peace)
  • Who Will Listen
  • Why Can't We
  • I Lost the One Who Loved Me
  • You're Only Just A Memory Away
  • A Rainbow From You
  • Walk In The World For Me
Peacebird - 1974
Song Book
  • He is Your Brother
  • Peacebird
  • I'll Hold You in My Arms When I Get Home
  • Catch a Little Sunshine
  • Teach Me To Die
  • Brand New World
  • Take My Hand
  • Falks Don't Kiss Old People Anymore
  • The Right to Live
  • Put My Memory in Your Pocket
Chronological Directory of Productions by Deanna Edwards - Present ->> 1974
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